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the rare Cypripedium Pianella of Our Lady of Mount Baldo calceolus

The mountain range “Monte Baldo” is 40 km long from north to southwest, between the valley of “Loppio” and the plain of Caprino Veronese. The valley of Loppio connects the area of Rovereto with Riva of Garda. On the east-side of the Monte Baldo is situated the valley of the river Adige and the West-side of the mountain runs along the coast of the lake Garda.

The principal peaks are gathered on the only ridge. Beginning at the south we can see the mount “Creta” (1023 m), the tops of Naole (1661 m), the crest of Costabella (2062 m), peak Telegrafo (2200 m) and the top Valdrita (2218 m), the highest peak of the group.
There is a deep gulley between the peak Bocca di Navene (1430 m), which separates the part of Verona of the Baldo from the part of Trento, which culminates in the mount Altissimo (2078 m) before Nago.

Both the slopes of the mountain chain look very different.
The West-side, which overlook Lake Garda, is steep and densly covered with vegetation, with rocky walls, ravines and deep valleys.
On the slope on the east-side there are many meadows and not many rocks.

Between the valley of the river Adige and the crest of Monte Baldo appears another crest, which is parallel to the principal crest. From this vast valley rises Spiazza and Ferrara of Monte Baldo and finish in the deep valley of Atesino.

The description of routes comes from driving:
"Dall'Adige al Garda e dalla pianura al Baldo"
della Comunità Montana del Baldo
testi di E.Cipriani

Itinerary 1
Sentiero del Monte Cordespino - From Canale d'Adige (146 meters) to Pozza Galtet (556 meters) with return to Canale over Monte Cordespino (628 meters) and the San Marco Fortress (451 meters).

Itinerary IV
Sentiero del Vajo dell'Orsa - From Spiazzi (862 meters) to Ferrara di Monte Baldo (849 meters) by way of the sanctuary "Madonna de/la Corona"and the hiking path of Val dell'Orsa.

Itinerary VIII
Sentiero della Val delle Nogare - From the refuge "G. Barana" at the Telegrafo (2200 meters) to Assenza di Brenzone (66 meters) over the Valle delle Nogare, Malga Brione and Sommavilla.

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