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Ferrara di Monte Baldo

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Ferrara Monte Baldo Hotel Monte Baldo

The history
The origin of Ferrara di Monte Baldo.

The name Ferrara almost certainly derives from the iron mines which the Romans used. In the VI century, Mount Baldo territory became part of the Longobard dominion and in the following century, was occupied by the Francs...

The Church
It was already a parish in 1460 dependent from Pieve di Caprino. The original church, from which we still have the apse and some fresco’s, was amplified at the beginning of the 1600’s...

The Sanctuary
The sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona close to Spiazzi at 770 metres high is built on a rocky coast which is on a peak overlooking the Adige Valley...

The Fountain
A few metres from the hotel, there is a spring of drinkable water. The legend says that all those who drink from the spring of the fountain will always have a peaceful and harmonious life with their lovers. Even though it is only a legend, the water of the fountain is pure and fresh and will definitely not cause any harm.

Botanical Garden
The Botanical garden in Novezzina, in the commune of Ferrara of Mount Baldo, is easily reachable by bus.
The opening period is from the beginning of Spring (March or April) to the end of Autumn (mid November).
The best time to visit the Botanical garden is between June and July but for the attentive visitor and for the school pupils well guided, there are no less interesting periods.

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