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Sanctuary of the Madonna Corona Spiazzi Lake Garda

The sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona close to Spiazzi at 770 metres high is built on a rocky coast which is on a peak overlooking the Adige Valley.

Some centuries before the year 1522, a small community of hermits was established where now the sanctuary is located. Ludovico Castelbarco gave to the monks as “ex voto”, or simply as an act of devotion, the statue that he commissioned. The sanctuary also contains over 150 small tablets given by the faithful followers as a witness to the grace received.

Today we can easily have access to the sanctuary even by car, by the asphalted road of which the tunnel was opened in 1922.

From Brentino in d’Adige valley, a narrow path alternated with groups of stairs (1,542 steps) reaching the sanctuary is the ancient path of pilgrims. It is being used even today especially during the “Immacolata” ascension of Mary on the 8th of December.

Particularly suggestive is via Matris: a path that starts in Spiazzi and reaches the sanctuary on a sloped stair-case that is on a peak overlooking the Adige valley.

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