Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona

The route of the two sanctuaries, a famous religious itinerary of 67 kilometers, begins in Pieve di Chiampo, crosses beech and spruce woods, valleys and pastures, and ends here in Madonna della Corona. The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona is a place of silence and meditation, a church between heaven and earth, hidden in the heart of the Baldo rocks.

It is 4 kilometers from the hotel to the sanctuary, which you can walk along the trekking route, or you can go by car or bus.

Monte Baldo Astronomical Observatory

The observatory, founded by enthusiastic astronomers from Verona and the surrounding area, offers programs for observing the stars.

Looking through a telescope at the ISS flying over Altair, to find out why the constellations Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Perseus are nearby, approaching the Moon ninety times is interesting for both children and adults. From the hotel to the observatory 4 kilometers or 8 minutes by car.

Ski lift on Monte Baldo Pra Alpesina

The Pra 'Alpesina chairlift is twenty minutes away by car. In 10 minutes you will see Lake Garda in the air, slopes covered with fir trees, cedars and berry fields.

In this part of Monte Baldo there are not as many tourists as the ski lift that lifts people from the city of Malcesine. There is more nature and less civilization, however you can walk to the main station with its restaurants in twenty minutes.

Botanical Garden of Novezina

The Novezzina Botanical Garden contains all the plants that can be found on Monte Baldo. The garden was named Garden of Europe in recognition of the natural diversity to which the mountain owes its intact ice age.

Here you can see four climatic zones, from the Mediterranean at the foot of the mountain to the Alps at the top, and many rare plants: the red lily, edelweiss and others.

Monte Baldo Hippostrada

From the tiny village of Gaon, north of the municipality of Caprino Veronese, the routes on horseback of varying difficulty start. One of them passes through our municipality of Ferrara di Monte Baldo.

The changing landscape allows you to see both the highest peaks of Monte Baldo and the picturesque countryside that leads to Lake Garda.


To do


Thousands of travelers explore the meadows and paths of the Baldo throughout the year. All routes are clearly marked and along the trails there are stalls that tell travelers the history of the mountain in several languages.


Canyoning enthusiasts know the Vaio dell'Orsa as one of the most interesting places, and beginners are advised to descend into the gorge accompanied by expert guides.

Skis and sleds

Ice skating rink in Ferrara di Monte Baldo, ski school for children in Novezza - in winter here it is as interesting as in summer.


It is no coincidence that a bus arrives to us from the city of Garda with bicycle trailer: routes of different degrees of difficulty await those who explore the mountain by MTB.


The hotel is located at the intersection of three wine-growing areas: Valpolicella, Bardolino and Marzemino await connoisseurs of Italian wines for tasting.